A Workshop Invitation: Build A Cold Email Stack

What would your business look like if you had a repeatable process for becoming known and memorable to new prospects? This email promotes a workshop that helps you build such a system.

I’ve spent the last 8 months experimenting with using cold email to distribute education-based content marketing. As I’ve morphed my business away from a pure advisory/education model to a done-for-you services model, I’ve been looking for a balance between the value and usefulness of educational content but without the labor intensity a commitment to such content usually brings in its wake. I’ve developed something I like and the market seems to like. It offers the speed and reach of cold email without direct selling, and the value and usefulness of educational content without much emotional or intellectual labor.

I'm ready to share this strategy and the process I've developed to implement it.

You're invited to Build A Cold Email Stack. This is a 2-month-long online workshop, starting mid-February, where I'll help you build a system for using email to reach a sizable audience of prospects with useful content. At $1,800 for the workshop fee, this probably only makes sense if a new client would be worth at least ~5x that amount. Also, you'll need to sign up for some SaaS tools that total up to between $561 and $739/month (actual costs varies within that range depending on how quickly you want to build your cold email audience; if your intention is to stop building your cold email audience after some months your software cost would then drop to $290/month).

Here's what you'll get in this workshop:

  • Guidance on both low-effort and high-effort ways to create actual value for a cold email audience in a way that's totally different from the kind of cold email you hate receiving.

Sorry, I have to break from the bullet list here and say this again for emphasis: When I use this approach for my clients, I am not sending cold email sales pitches. I am sending relevant useful content, and the labor intensity of creating that content is scaled to their appetite for content-creation labor, their business needs, and so on. As a result of sending relevant useful content rather than a sequence of sales pitches, the email metrics we’re seeing are indistinguishable from those of most double opted in email lists (remember, always take open rates with a grain of salt no matter how the list was built). Ok, back to the bullet list of what the workshop includes:

  • A recipe for setting up an extremely high-quality, robust cold email tech stack.

  • Guidance on building a highly relevant list of prospects with recipe-level instructions for the mechanics of the process and principles-level instructions for audience definition.

  • Weekly group session where we discuss progress, questions, and so forth. (Exact day/time TBD but will very likely be between 8am to 10am Mountain time to provide the best time-zone coverage for most of you.)

  • One private 60-minute screenshare implementation session per week of the workshop (up to 8 such sessions per participant) where I help you translate the workshop's recipes and guidance into the specifics of your business. (If you want to preview my availability for these sessions to make sure my availability matches yours, you can check out the scheduling link for those implementation sessions here: https://opportunitylabs.io/baces1on1s) Again, this is not a course, it’s a workshop that combines learning with custom implementation support.

There are some pretty easy ways to know if this workshop would not be a good fit for you:

  • Not a good fit if you are desperate for extremely short-term results from outreach, are not open to a more investment-minded/generous approach, or are for some other reason definitely going to use your cold email stack to send transactional salesey emails. The world has more than enough of that already and I don't want to be part of the problem there.

  • Not a good fit if you don't know who your buyers are (meaning you could not in 1 or 2 short sentences describe who is a good fit for your services), or if it's not possible to construct a LinkedIn search that selects buyers or recommenders. (An example of buyers you can’t construct a LinkedIn search for: Boards of Directors that are struggling with effective succession planning)

  • Probably not a good fit if your buyers are exclusively in the EU.

If this description leaves you interested but with questions, please let me know your questions: philip@opportunitylabs.io

Oh, I almost forgot: early-bird discounts. Let's go big with that discount: 50% off the workshop fee for those who pay by EOD Monday, Jan 15th.

If you want to buy yourself a seat in this workshop, here's the payment link: https://buy.stripe.com/3cseYvabm16F7E48wH. If you want to buy a friend, family member, secret crush, or estranged sibling/child a seat in the workshop, the link is also https://buy.stripe.com/3cseYvabm16F7E48wH.