Quick update

A quick update on a few items.

Update 1

I’ve moved my email list over to Beehiiv so I can have a segmentation feature. As I get back into selling my services more actively, this will let me put less irrelevant-to-you kilobytes into your inbox.

Along those lines, I’m selling a 2-month online workshop where I'll help you build a system for using email to reach a sizable audience of prospects with useful content. I have more specifics to share RE: this event before the 50% off early-bird pricing expires tomorrow night, but it’s probably only relevant to a fraction of you, so if this workshop might be relevant to YOU, then please choose YES below:

Update 2

Thanks to all of you who replied to my “asking for 15 seconds of help” email. I tried to reply to everyone who replied, but if the automation software sent you additional reminder emails after you replied to me, please let me know because that’s a bug that needs to be investigated and fixed. (These emails came from philip@ibxresearch.com or philip@research.ibxresearch.com)

A few of you asked what that email was all about. I’m warming up two new email addresses so that I can use email to recruit research participants. I dropped my entire nee-Substack email list into a 3-email Instantly campaign to conduct that warmup. That project is unrelated to my move to Beehiiv.

Thanks, and happy Sunday!