The Cold Email Stack

Someone asked what the cold email “stack” is. Here’s what I use and will be helping workshop participants implement:

  • Evaboot: Turns LinkedIn Sales Navigator search results into email addresses. Costly, but amazingly good. Does extra verification steps that dramatically clean up search results.

  •  Inboxally: Expensive-but-worth-it warmup/deliverability tool. Necessary because to do this right you set up multiple new emails on a new domain, and the new domain has no reputation, thus requiring warmup.

  • Instantly: cold email automation tool.

  • Multiple Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 inboxes. Take the number of inboxes you want to reach each week, divide by 1,500, and that's the number of email accounts you'll need. Distribute the number of email accounts between Google and Microsoft infrastructure based on your audience's usage of inboxes.

  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator: The $180/month version. You need to be able to upload CSVs of accounts, and that requires this version of LISN.

  • Phantombuster: A LinkedIn search results scraper with different capabilities than Evaboot. Used to convert a list of companies into a CSV that is then imported to LISN to scope people searches. (You can't rely on the industry filter of LISN's people search because that field is self-assigned by people when they set up their LI account and… as they say, people do the craziest things.)

That's the software stack. Per/month price below show the subscription price range that folks are likely to need.

  • Evaboot: $49.00 to $199.00

  • Inboxally: $149.00

  • Instantly: $99.00

  • Emails accounts: $14.00 to $42.00

  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator: $180.00

  • Phantombuster: $70.00

  • Total: $561.00 to $739.00

Here is a link you can use to buy a seat:

If you know anyone who might want to attend this workshop, there’s now a page describing it: