All the writings (and photographs).

When I was a younger man

I thought the pain of defeat would last forever but

Here salt of the earth all-seers

Read palms thru "times three" Walgreens readers

Garage, Missoula, MT

Garage, Missoula, MT

Fence, Missoula, MT

Fence, Missoula, MT

You can convince the world

That you’re some kind of superstar

Squirrels, Missoula, MT

Squirrels, Missoula, MT


Tracing backwards from credibility to less-credible origins

Proof of competence

Something feels to me truthy about both of these claims...

I live and die

by the hot and cold in strangers' eyes

Flip Modes

toilet bowls explode

Tore out the buckets

from a red Corvette

"Gotta baste him with a sweepin broom"

Happy Sunday, people! I neglected to send an email last week, and in a classic economics externalities case, the cost (or, who knows, maybe the benefit) of my neglect -- in the form of a long wandering music-reference-filled, barely-on-topic email today -- will be borne by... you...